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One Stop Shop

Swaim's Serum Clinic sells, supplies, food and toys, plus an in-house pharmacy.

Scheduled Appointments

Sure, life would be easier if your pets could tell you they’re not feeling well. But frequently you don’t receive any warnings until it’s obvious. That’s why we offer conveniently scheduled appointments and walk-ins for you and your furry friends.

Convenient Location

Located at SW 15th and Agnew by Stockyards City

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At Swaim's Serum Clinic we provide quality care at a reasonable price – in fact, cheaper than many of our nearby competitors. We are pet owners too, and understand how expensive it can be to own a pet. That is why we work hard to keep costs down, without sacrificing quality!

Expert Animal Care

Our caring staff is here to serve you during general wellness checkups, illnesses, difficult emergencies and life threatening situations.

Swaim Serum Co.

Clinic & Supplies

Locally owned and operated, Swaim Serum Co. provides Oklahoma City
and surrounding communities with the best in full-service veterinary care.
Located at SW 15th & Agnew by Stockyards City Open Map

What makes Swaim Serum Vet Clinic significantly different?

At Swaim Serum Vet Clinic, we treat your pet as if they were our own.

Client education is something we do diligently every day. We do this with rapid treatment, affordable services, compassionate care and preventative medicine. Swaim Serum Vet Clinic provides Oklahoma City’s pets with the highest level
of veterinary care and customer service. We strive to provide the finest and most compassionate care for each and every patient, often exceeding the expectations
of our clients.